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…Who’s Kid Icarius?

You may wonder why I go under the pseudonym (name) of “Kid Icarius” (K.I.) for battles and some events… Well, here’s why!

Kid Icarius refers to two people, Icarius of Sparta, and Icarus (from the video game “Kid Icarus” and directly from Greek mythology).

Icarius of Sparta was a Spartan King and champion runner, characterized by his modesty. I try to embody these characteristics through my actions.

Deeper in the name (by removing the second “I” lol) is Icarus. Icarus was the son of Daedalus. His father crafted him wings made of feathers and wax. The one warning his father had given him was to not fly too close to the sun. Icarus, however, was much too ambitious to listen and flew as high as he could. Sadly, his wings melted and he fell to the earth.

I interpreted this as someone having so much motivation and ambition, he ignored obstacles and let nothing get in his way. Nothing would stand between him and his goal, not even death, which is how I act and behave towards things in my life!


Theres my explanation! Please continue sharing, liking and following my posts for me! Thank you!







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