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WOD Vancouver

This weekend, I am honoured to say that I went and competed at World of Dance in Vancouver with NXG Company! It was such an amazing, changing experience that I will DEFINITELY never forget!

I didn’t know what to expect walking into a competition this size, but just went with it! The first thing I experienced relating to WOD was the rigorous, exhausting, yet amazingly beneficial and fun rehearsals to work on NXGs set we’d be competing with three weeks prior. It was some of the most lengthy and tiring rehearsals I had experienced (second to Disney’s training program), but the knowledge and physical benefits I got out of those rehearsals was, to say the least, completely worth it.

Once there, the first thing that caught my eye, surprisingly wasn’t the dancing!..but that’s because I got there so early that nothing had started yet (lol). The kiosks of clothes of all these amazing brands and styles had me going crazy! I wanted to buy it all! Shopping these kiosks entertained me for a couple hours as I waited for the event to start…

The actual competition started with all the younger groups competing, and all I could say to myself was “WOW!”. There definitely wasn’t a lack of talent from any one of those groups!

As time grew closer to NXGs performance time, we all started getting ready and putting ourselves in the right mindset, while at the same time, having well-needed conversations with the people from other cities that we haven’t seen forever. We practiced and practiced, and then it was eventually time for us to compete. The atmosphere inside the ballroom was raging crazy! The kind of atmosphere I like! Everyone was amazed, like I was at all the talent on that stage. We walked on that stage, started performing, and   I felt an energy that I’d never forget. To contradict that, like any performance, for some reason, I (hopefully it isn’t just me :s) can’t remember exactly what I did up there… Maybe because I was going so full out! haha. It was truly amazing to hear the crowd and their reactions through-out the set. I’d NEVER forget that energy.

Our performance and dedication paid off as we received 2nd place, with such a high mark and being so close to the 1st place crew (the 1st place crew being many of my role models when I was young)! I was so excited and proud for NXG! On top of that, the trophy was SIIIIICK.

Even though i’ve known the people in NXG (and also the Kore) for such a short time, I can and am proud to call us a family. I respect and love everyone in that group SOOO much! I feel like i’ve known them for all my life. Everyone is so humble and honest, I can easily say i’m honoured to have met, to dance with, to hang out with, and to be around them all, and that will never change. I also wanted to say a HUUGE thank you to Alexander Chung for being such an amazing director and leading and training us so well, as well as being an amazing friend to us!

One more shout out to my great friend, Mike Browne for coming 2nd in the WOD popping battles! You killed it!


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(side note, when I got home, my mom had taken my cat to get a Lion cut, so I can’t look at him without laughing. Just saying.)

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