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A New Reid

To say the least, It’s amazing how much a little bit of reflection can do to someone.

HHI was amazing. The environment was crazy, the dancers were crazy, the shopping was crazy! I COULD write a book about all of the things that HHI was, but that’s not why I want to write this post.

The road to HHI and Vegas was also amazing, and a bit more of a priority in context of this post, but still not the main point. I want to thank each and every person in NXG for being who they are, and making the experience what it was. If anyone was gone or not in the picture, it definitely would not have been the same experience. Thank you to Alexander Chung for the amazing training and amounts of care he puts towards our group. Also, just as big of a thank you to Josh and Toni, Jenny and Shaza, all the parents, and everyone else who put in time helping with the set, costumes, organization, and setting up the experience we will all always remember.

I can give praise to everyone endlessly for what they have done to help make HHI and the Vegas trip what it was, but, as selfish as might sound, I want to talk about how this has affected me.

Don’t take this as being ungrateful for everyone’s effort and care put in, as, like I said, I could write a book on how nice, caring and amazing everyone is, but what this trip did to ME, I never would’ve guessed.


Summary of the rest of the post; artistic and personal inspiration, but I hope you take the time to read the rest of this, as these, right now, are my most honest feelings.


I consider dancers artists rather than athletes, and always will. Dancers do have to have the qualities of an athlete to do what they do, but the base of everything we do is inspiration. That’s the driving force of all creation, and in all honesty, what I have felt from experiencing HHI and the Vegas trip has been my first ‘true’ piece of inspiration.

All the deep conversations and little interactions,

All the large groups and the individual people,

All the things I believed and all the things I now realize, they have given me boundless inspiration.


There are so many things I can, will, and have already planned out portraying and expressing through my art in the next who-knows-how-long, and I can’t wait to get started on all of these ideas.


Everyone is going to see a new side of me, or I can say now, a side of me that can be labeled as nothing but translucent.


I no longer want to be the person who makes blank promises.

I no longer want to be the person who judges before they analyze.

I no longer want to be the person who settles for slightly better than average.

I no longer want to be the person who jumps to conclusions so quickly without any reason.

And I, for sure, don’t want to be the person that lets something that is going to hinder me be a priority.


And as much as the statement “actions speak louder than words” can apply to this, I am treating these as much more than just words.


This is a pact between me, myself and I.


I want all my promises, to others and to myself, to be true in every way.

I want all my observations of situations and events to be open and unbiased, no matter what or who is involved.

I want my best to be the only thing that I produce and portray, no excuses.

I will never draw conclusions, as simple as that.

And I, for sure will place my priorities in things that, after analyzing, deserve it.


Like I said, the statement “actions speak louder than words” can apply so strongly to what I’m expressing right now, but I’m not going to let it.


To say the least, it’s amazing how much a little bit of reflection can do to someone, and I’m so happy I took the time to reflect on what I have experienced.


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