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#twentyfifteen yo

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has fun for the next month accidentally writing “2014” and then scratching it out and rewriting 2015 to fix it, only to make every sheet you write on look like a complete mess…..!

I, like I imagine everyone did, took some time to think about my resolution for the new year, and came up with one perfect for me.

Every day, I plan on doing SOMETHING for my career, for my body and health, and for my family and friends. No matter how small the act, every day, i’ll do something!


For those that didn’t come up with a resolution, mayyyyybe you want to steal mine….? Or not. Whatever. NBD.


New Years resolutions as a concept also made me start thinking about how people are going to change over the next little while. I guarantee theres going to be a lot more positivity in our communities for this next year. I’ve also heard people say “I’m going to be a new version of me!”, so I thought, “HEY, IMMA JUMP ON THAT BANDWAGON! A NEW POSITIVE REID! TOTAL NEW PERSON!”

..but that concept didn’t agree with me all the way.

As much as I am going to add a little bit more positivity into my life, I don’t like the idea of a TOTAL NEW PERSON. I like the idea of working on the qualities that aren’t necessarily your strongest, and staying you at the same time.

For me, it’s all about being real. Always has been, and always will be. #wordup

And what’s real for me, is making life fun! Not worrying about problems! Energy! Acting stupid! (That one more than others…)

Not wandering around thinking of deep quotes to live my life by. Not doing things because it’ll get me extra attention. Not doing things to make me stand above others or make it seem like I know more. Not acting fake.

And here, I’m only speaking for myself, what’s real to me and what’s not.

So that being said…

This year, I’m just going to continue doing things that I would do, and I hope other people do too!


Oh and Merry Christmas too. Cause that happened.



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