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Fresh, FRESH! Exciiiiiting…

NA NA NA NA naaaaa….

For this past month of August, I have been on tour with Fresh Dance Intensive, ran and operated by an amazing team of not only amazing people, but amazing artists, and for me, has been one of the most amazing learning, growing & life experiences I’ve had up to date. It has pushed me to create things I have never thought to be able to make, utilize teaching methods I never thought I could handle, and most importantly, meet SO many amazingly talented, creative, intelligent people, and am SO happy I can say I am #FRESHfamily with you all! :’)

BUUUUUT, I don’t want this post to be about me, so now that thats out of the way, I can talk about the REAL stuff.


Wow. A loss of words for how amazing this is as a program. As a faculty member, I get to see students work and understand what it means to be an ARTIST, not just a dancer. I get to see students absorb and UNDERSTAND something that, three days ago, was COMPLETELY foreign to them. I get to see students take class and not only learn movement/combos from THE most unique movers in the game right now, but at the same time, learn lessons and gain knowledge that can only be acquired as the result of us faculty members sitting down and debating concepts that push the boundaries of what we knew as dancers/teachers… Some concepts I was thinking about were:

  • Can WE ‘inspire’ inspiration, or can we only provide the tools?
  • What SHOULD the roles of a dancer be when they walk into a room? And are they different then ours as teachers?
  • Finding the difference between ‘full-out’ movement and finding the emotional connection to the physical movement (not performance, but the internal to external connection)
  • The exact effects of supporting your fellow dancers and providing energy as an observer, and if you are ever JUST an observer in class
  • Finding ways to further blur the lines between certain styles, and cross-over concepts specifically designed for one genre and implement it in another (#NeutralPelvis)

It really was amazing to sit back, look in my fresh journal and really see WHAT we were all teaching these kids, and in the past, when I was a student at Fresh, was being taught to me. Of course pushing them technically and physically was an importance, but there are very few opportunities in life where, as a teacher OR as a student, where you get such a blend of physical understanding and conceptual understanding.

Fresh is probably the only time I can think where this happens. I am SO happy to be a part of this, and so happy this exists for students.


And to finish this post off, I love everyone!

Red Deer, Calgary, Regina, Ottawa, East York, Georgetown, Toronto, Scarborough, and Medicine Hat, in every city, even if it was for two days, I had gotten SO close to all you faculty members, assistants, even students. To think that I might not see you guys for another year, was tear jerking… so many memories in such a short time….



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