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An updated and definitive concept to my website, that I’m proud to showcase!

Not only have I done full layout redesigns, theme, bio, resume, media and accessibility updates, I have evolved my untouched blog into the now prevalent “K.I! Blog”, an outlet for creativity and creatives alike.

Over the past couple months, on top of learning proper coding, editing skills, etc., I have been brainstorming and developing an idea on how to utilize this amazing resource I’ve had for years that for some reason I have left untouched. Maybe it was because I was uninspired to maintain an outlet like this, maybe it was carpal tunnel…

Looking back at my first post, back in 2012, which you can take a look at HERE, pushed me back towards to the ideas that I should have continued with. An opportunity to share my voice with others, along with share the community’s’ ideas and opinions out of respect and support for everyone.

With this new launch, expect a new post from me, weekly, showcasing either my latest thoughts in my personal life, opinions on a matter that has surfaced  in our community, an honorable mention towards a friend/inspiration, a new video showcase that stuck with me,

…and adding into this list, thoughts and words from community members and leaders, opinions on topics from others, discussions about important ideas, an outlet for the community to share their videos/events/promotions!

If you have something you wish to share with the community in a more visible and promoted platform,  please do not hesitate to share or contact either through the linked Contact form on the menu bar above, or directly through Facebook!


I hope we can grow a more critical thinking, yet inclusive and vocal dance community!



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