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Reid “Kid Icarius” Friedl is a performer/choreographer/visual creator versed in many styles of dance (Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theater, etc.). Graduated in 2014 from Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts, Reid has obtained his International Baccalaureate dance certificate, receiving the highest mark possible, and completed the highest level audio production and analysis course available. He is also an alumni member of NXG Company (ran by Alexander Chung) and a member of TwoFourSeven Co.(ran by Carlo Atienza and Roberta Bierman). His main goal is to bring his more unique, multi-genre infused side of dance, and artistic-focused intentions to the forefront through his choreography, concepts and performances.

Recently, Reid has been hired and on set for productions, such as, Macklemores’ “Dance Off” Music Video, Nintendo “ARMS” promotional commercial, Willas’ “Dreamers” Music Video, as well as shooting choreography videos and footage for artists/choreographers, such as Trill Sammy, Kalin White, Willdabeast, Phil Wright, Alexander Chung, many local Canadian community choreographers, and many more.

Being the Northern Star Talent Search Winner from across Canada, a member of globally-renown group IMMABEAST, a representative and performer of Northlands Entertainment, a hired choreographer, assistant teacher to many other industry professionals for various events, hired dancer for events ranging from guest performances at Vancouver Fashion Week, to expo events, from VIP select events to paid stage shows, he has started his dream to make an impact on the dance scene in a unique and artistic manner.

At a young age, Reid has been highlighted on national dance magazine “IDM” (Industry Dance Magazine) alongside other industry professionals such as Sean Cheesman, Stacey Tookey, Benjamin Ritter, Joel Sturrock, and many others. As a past member of crews NXG, TwoFourSeven Co., and Menergy, Reid has won first and second place standings in competitions, such as World Of Dance, Hip Hop International, Vibe Dance Competition, Artists Emerge, BodyRock, and months ago, has recently constructed his own group, ”K.I! & Co”, with a focus on intense physical, mental, and artistic focused training.

In the past years, Reid has been touring with the Fresh Dance Intensive teaching faculty, running out of Julliard School in New York, teaching workshops/classes, judging  competitions, and guest choreography in many areas of British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Toronto, and Seattle. He has also recently expanded his teaching locations to studios in Los Angeles, Hawaii, Vegas, and Chicago.

“Don’t do something with the intention to achieve, do it to surpass what you intended to achieve”


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