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Aloha, Mahalo, and All That Stuff!

WOW LATE POST. I did a lot of stuff in Hawaii, and all were amazing memorable experiences! Heres that stuff! 1) WOD If you didn’t know, NXG went to Hawaii for WOD in mid-december. We competed, and….. CAME 1ST! WOOO! It was such an exhilarating experience being on that stage, especially in Hawaii! I cannot put into words the […]


Another Amazing Weekend!

Wow, weekend after weekend has been amazing, and this weekend topped the cake of all of ’em so far! GSP in Edmonton was AMAZING last weekend! Amazingly talented teachers, amazingly friendly staff, and an amazingly positive environment are the things that made it what it was. There was no lack of ANYTHING at this amazing […]


Amazing Weekends!

Two weekends ago, I spent some time in Calgary for Triple Threat. First time going, and I was very excited and happy with the experience! Not only was it amazing training, I was given the opportunity to meet and get to know some amazingly talented, humble and generous people! All the organizers and instructors were […]


So “Fresh”!

This past month, I had the honour to be on the faculty for Fresh Dance Intensive. It was immensely inspirational to be around such an amazing group of talented, determined and generous people who share their gift with every student they come in contact with. Their philosophies and knowledge of movement, human nature, etc. is […]


YVR, Move!

I’ve been in Vancouver longer than I have Edmonton this summer… and i’m fine with that! Especially after my latest 2 week trip. Not only did it open my eyes, it also opened my mind (and many doors to many opportunities)! For the past two weeks, I have been training in my contemporary and ballet […]